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Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm; Satuday: 10ap to 2pm Houston, Texas (754) 210-4602 Main@jmbglobalcs.com

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JMB Global Construction Services LLC. Is a leading company that prides ourselves on delivering exceptional service and quality installation to our customers. Our company was founded on the principle of providing customers with the highest level of innovation, and that principle remains at the core of everything we do.

We offer a wide range of railing installation and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our railing installations have been carried out on the most luxurious and elegant buildings in the US, using the highest quality materials and designed to last.

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Site Management

One of the key functions of JMB Global CS is to ensure that the construction site is safe for workers and visitors. This involves implementing safety protocols, providing safety equipment, and training workers in safety procedures. Site managers must also ensure that the construction site complies with all relevant safety regulations and standards.

Schedule Coordination

JMB strives for effective schedule coordination is essential to the success of any construction project. A well-coordinated project can help ensure that the project is completed on time, on budget, and to the required quality standards.

Material Estimating

Estimate the quantities of materials required for the project. This involves carefully reviewing the project plans and specifications to determine the amount of materials needed for each installation of the project.

Safety oversight

Safety oversight is critical to ensuring a safe and secure construction site. Safety oversight involves implementing and enforcing safety procedures, providing safety training to workers, and monitoring the construction site to identify and address potential safety hazards.

Construction Management

JMB develops a detailed project plan, which includes a schedule for each stage of the project, a budget, and a list of necessary resources. Project planning also involves identifying potential risks and developing contingency plans to mitigate these risks.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is to identify the source of the conflict. This involves understanding the underlying issues that are causing the conflict, and working to address these issues. This may involve talking to both parties involved in the conflict, as well as any witnesses or other stakeholders who may have relevant information.


clients & Testimonials

As usual, you do an excellent job. The team was very thorough with the planning and kept me informed. They did a wonderful job with the installation, were very pleasant to work with… The project was completed in record time

Stephe Cantrell

Director of Project Management

First, the right choice makes all the difference, been working with JMB Global since its formation and can truly say that the quality of their craftsmanship is impressive and their understanding and communication is solid. Last but not least, get in touch with them for all your installation needs and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

Ramon Northover

Project Manager
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